A leader in web application development

          Specialists in database driven web sites

                     Provider of solutions for E-commerce

Data Apps

Our secure interactive web programs rely on carefully designed and maintained databases. Sites utilize numerous database systems including SqlServer, mySql and PostGresSql.

State of the Art Services

With a skilled staff of developers and designers trained in the latest technology, we are able to provide services which include interactive web sites, e-commerce, web services, animation, audio and video, concept design, and corporate identity.

Architecture to Maintenance

We are able to bring expertise and experience to all stages of web site development, from initial site architecture, through site design, implementation and maintenance. A well developed site is dependent upon a well designed and constructed database, so that relevant business data is used in the most productive manner.

Software Development

Our team of developers has been developing computer applications since 1970, with expertise in the legal, medical, engineering, educational, and environmental fields. We provide software development in java, asp.net, asp, visual c++ and are proficient in web services, xml, perl, php, c, c++, and fortran.

Database Development

We specialize in database driven web sites, which enable clients to dynamically change the information that is exposed to the public and engage in e-commerce, query users and record their replies, store information regarding clients, play games and automate the processes which govern life and business. We can design, construct, secure and maintain your business databases and make them available to your website.

E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce products include shopping cart as well as store-front applications, which provide content management and administrative functions.
E-commerce sites may be developed in asp, asp.net or java/jsp/servlet formats for windows or linux systems.

Application Variety

From on-line surveys and photo-albums to education and image management programs, we are able to provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Graphic Design & Multimedia

We provide state of the art graphic design and multimedia, including animation, sound and video.

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