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          Specialists in database driven web sites

                     Provider of solutions for E-commerce

Data Apps

Our secure interactive web programs rely on carefully designed and maintained databases. Sites utilize numerous database systems including SqlServer, mySql and PostGresSql.

E-Commerce Solutions

The growth of e-commerce has created the need for secure solutions which enable a business to compete electronically. Our shopping cart and storefront on-line applications provide a company with the opportunity to create an internet identity and enhance their presence in the marketplace.

Our applications are expandable and allow a company's growth to be easily reflected in their site. New products, customers and employees are easily incorporated as the need arises. Past orders are stored and accessible in an administrative manner. Customer relationships can be managed with information about a customer's buying history and preferences. Customers can be notified of buying specials and events with automated e-mail announcements.

Ordering is handled in a transaction safe mode, with e-mail notification that an order has been placed. Privacy is maintained using ssl systems and encryption can be utilized to safeguard sensitive information.

E-Commerce Features

SqlServer or MySql database
Customer data management
E-mail confirmation of order
Full-cycle order processing
Secure operations
Print invoices

Additional Features

Content management feature
E-mail advertising

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